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Happy Travelling With These 9 Steps To Improve Your Jet Lag


Arriving somewhere completely confused, tired and exhausted and unable to be present or tap straight into normal day life can be a real bummer when travelling or arriving home. Getting back on track can sometimes take up to a week.
The biggest heads up to preventing jet lag is to stay hydrated and avoid things that would make you dehydrated. Here are some personal and generic tips that I’ve found that have helped me through my own trial and error. 
But remember to listen to your body and hopefully some of these tips can help you too!
  1. Dose up on H2o

Circulated air on planes makes one very dehydrated so drink as much as you can the day you are traveling before you get to the airport. Take a bottle with you on the plane and have the flight attendants refill it, or ask if you can have their 2-liter bottle for long-haul flights. Don’t be shy, they are often more accommodating than you think.Yes, you may have to wee a lot, but it’s good to get out of your seat anyway and get circulation into your body.

  1. No alcohol, coffee or caffeinated tea.

Ooops I know these are some favourites for some but I promise it’s for your own good as alcohol and caffeine are also dehydrating. This can heighten and encourage any feelings of jet lag you may have. Celebrate at your destination instead! At least you’ll have the energy ;)

--Stock up on herbal teas for the following:

a) assist the calming and sleeping process


  1. b) energise and refresh for just before you get off the plane:

Peppermint, mint

  1. c) digestive and tummy soother

Liquorice, mint, chamomile

  1. d) Immune system

Echinacea, cardamom, cinnamon

  1. Limit or avoid the plane food.

If possible only drink water on the plane and teas as plane food is highly salted and sugared due to food tasting blender at high altitudes. If you want to eat something try go with high water content fruits and veggies or if you are going to eat on the plane, order a vegetarian non-dairy meal in advance. Generally the best option! Or the Vegetarian/Asian.

  1. Essential oils (smelly helpers|)

For relaxing and snoozing on the plane my favourite is to apply lavender essential oil.

For when it’s almost time to land and head through customs and you’re feeling like you can hardly open your eyes it’s time to apply peppermint and lemongrass. Peppermint helps with headaches/waking up and lemongrass helps you feel and smell a whole lot fresher in those clothes you may have been wearing over 24hrs. 

  1. Adaptogens (stress heroes)

Best one I’ve found so far for calming and relaxing is Ashwagandha. I normally drink one capsule a little while before wanting to sleep. But no harm in drinking another if you have a super long journey, adaptogens help fight stress in the body and Ashwagandha can especially help with travelling exhaustion and stress. 

Ginseng would be a good physical adaptogen to go for if you want to stay awake and assist your body to push on.

  1. Sleep hack

Try going to bed a little earlier if you are travelling east and a little later if you are travelling west the night before your flight.

  1. Circadian rhythms

Try adapting to the place you have arrived or back home to the natural rhythm of the sun, so going to bed if it’s dark or staying up if you arrive in the morning till the night time.

  1. Exercise is also great for releasing assistance with your body adjusting so taking a walk around the neighbourhood or doing some yoga as you arrive can help the body deal with travelling stress.

Tips for settling in and arriving.

Lastly if you want to plan ahead for your coming home and it can make the end of your trip a lot more pleasant. For example you could make a large pot of soup to freeze so that when you get  back you have a meal waiting for you. Otherwise getting someone else to cook or take you out for dinner is the other best option, as the last thing I would feel like doing after a long journey back is cooking. But make sure you get a nourishing meal in :) The afrikaans saying ‘Maagies vol oogies toe”. Full tummy, closed eyes. Best way to rest after a long flight, so get in your comfy clothes and cuddle up into your bed. 

Happy hacking!


Amelie Moon x Think New Life