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Get Your Greens In With This Happy Gut Recipe - Part 1


This series helps you get in some of your highest alkalinity vegetables. They are low in calories and full of vitamins and minerals . These are mostly referred to as your leafy greens(spinach, kale) or your sea greens like spirulina.

We all hear a lot about them and know we should be eating more of them, so we are about to show you some sneaky hacks on how to get them into your diet on a daily basis. Wether it is for breakfast, lunch, supper or dessert. For anyone resisting these veggies, its time to start experimenting. We hope you enjoy! 

/ Your Good Morning Greens /

We start off with our green smoothie and smoothie bowl recipe. Helping you start your morning the right way. 

Green Smoothie or Breakfast Bowl

Green Smoothie bowl



½ Avo

1 tsp Hemp powder or hearts

½ tsp Milk Thistle

½ tsp Dandelion

1 tsp Superthrive digestive powder(will give a more peppermint taste) or baobab powder (great prebiotic for your gut and will give a more tangy taste)

Small handful Spinach

1 cup coconut milk kefir/kefir

½ milk alternative (almond, coconut)

Handful of Ice

Pinch of turmeric and pepper

--Blend all of the goodies together. If you need sweetness add tsp of honey or alternative sweetener like coconut nectar (low GI) or half a banana.

For a Bowl top with: (your choice)


-mulberries, berries, goji berries

-coconut flakes

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