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Get Your Greens In With This Happy Gut Recipe - Part 3

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This is following on from our Part 1 - Get Your Morning Greens and Part 2 - Green Detox Soup. We now get to the Treat section in our series. Giving you ideas on feeding your sweet tooth while getting your veggies in. This is a great refreshing Summer dessert. 

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Lemon Avocado Mousse - Treat yourself!

1-2 Avocado's depending on their size 

1 lemon squeeze

1 Tsp Honey

3Tsp Coconut oil

½ teaspoon of hemp/ spirulina


--Melt the coconut oil

--Blend Avo, oil, honey, lemon juice and superfood together (test your sweetness and add more if you want)


--Enjoy as an ice cream or mousse

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